Dear Online Diary


Hello Milwaukee. My last week I

-spun poi for the first time in a Gold Coast apartment.

-listened to the inhabitant of said Gold Coast perform a Regina Spektor-esque song that she had composed herself.

-strolled around on her roof and stared down North Avenue—which runs nearly to Lake Michigan—and past my suburban job.

-lay on my back on an aerial hoop four feet off the ground and pulled my right leg into the splits.

-drove home from Milwaukee.

-dipped tortilla chips into chicken salad while sitting on my neighbor’s island stool and planning my birthday party with her daughter

-received a text from my ex.

-watched my podcast debut and get as high as No. 15 on the Religion and Spirituality charts.

-bantered on a podcast with three men and made a case to love the team I rejected—the Golden State Warriors.

-parallel parked on the first try—twice—on Saturday

-showed up to a sold out event without a ticket—and got in.

-stammered through a conversation with my ex’s ex and fought back feelings violating the 10th Commandment.

-attended a Good Friday service in yoga pants.

-got home from Rogers Park to my house in 45 minutes.

-prayed aloud for half an hour in the dark

-mocked looking cool before attempting it while in the Wisconsin woods

-Finish two thirds of a short story that evoked Bel Canto

-Cracked my computer screen

-Lost the chain on my bike

-Impressed our administrative assistant with how many receipts I recovered from my Raleigh trip

-Spoke with the impressive subject of my criminal justice feature story

-Mourned the end of a project that makes me proud

-Only half showed up to a phone conversation with my father the day after his birthday

-Stayed inside during the sunshine

-Traveled inside a 15-passenger industrial van on a 25 minute drive to a dive bar just south of Midway for a date

-Felt the fragility of my life following the Lahore, Pakistan suicide bombing

-Howled hysterically with my friend’s sister during family Catch Phrase on Easter

-Ran into three friends from church at one bar in three hours

-Ate a salt-and-pepper biscuit with mushrooms and tomatoes for Easter brunch

-Smashed a cherry tomato and watched its juice spray over my white skirt

-Judged the worship songs at the Good Friday service

-Felt sick after the Brussels airport and subway bombings

-Did not pray for Donald Trump

-Attended a live podcast taping

-Discovered that mango oranges are watery and bland

-Ate brownies for breakfast

-Talked to a childhood friend about life not under her parents’ roof

-Ran six miles and eight miles

-Ordered kimchi pancakes at Little Goat

-Did not rebuke my mentee for driving without her license

-Felt like a human. Alive and little and inadequate.


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