Why I Attend (Two) Church (Services)

File this under — As of 11:24 p.m. on February 5 I anxiously wish to write more on this topic but hastily want to scribble something down now.

-Until I began biweekly Horton classes two weeks ago, my Queens church was the most racially diverse place that I inhabited in the city. As church ought to be. And actually, I think my church maybe better than Alvin Ailey. (Though in all fairness, my office is quite diverse too.)

-I don’t have children and teenagers in my life unless I’m at NLF. Seriously, it’s jarring to think that there are whole seasons of life where 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds and every other age up and down can just be entirely invisible. Sometimes I want to lock them in the Young Governors dungeon but most of the time I’m grateful to be around people who make sense of the world absolutely unlike me.

-I now have a group of people that I eat one meal a week with consistently. There was a time in college where that occurred daily for a year and a half but those were the days of luxurious meal cards and now everyone’s trying to buy time by buying takeout.

-I have to join a community that does not have my best interests at heart. (This may be one of those idealized answers…and TBC)


2 thoughts on “Why I Attend (Two) Church (Services)

  1. Dear Morgan,
    Thank you for the vulnerability and the drive to live well. Any ideas about that community without your “best interests at heart” yet?

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