The last token of 2011 vanished from reality a couple weeks ago. In an effort to maximize my three year warranty, I sent off my durable and slightly marred, shiny blue dell to Best Buy Never-Neverland and learned this week that it’s not coming back. Rather than scour the planet for the obscure part to fix the disc drive exterior, they’re handing me a voucher–worth the amount I paid–that I can use towards another laptop.

What that means: No Christmas music for me in my house. During Christmas. Also, I feel relatively guilty chucking a computer after only three years. Its Kentucky check-up could be boiled down to some pretty surface issues.


When I finally fell back asleep at 6 a.m. this morning I dreamt that a (less-than-I-thought-would-be) pregnant Alyssa and me were strolling along some American highway. (From what I remember, the dream-version of myself believed herself to be in Queens. The conscious-version of myself knows that is absurd.) Not surprisingly, given that her due date was several days ago, she went into labor during our walk. The best part of the entire experience was when a giraffe walked by (why) and then proceeded to undress from a giraffe costume and became a white man with Big Bang Theory glasses.


What’s it like being gay at a Christian College? To be honest, my article doesn’t answer. But hopefully the hundreds/thousands of readers that will indulge this report will click thru to the stories of the students themselves.

This comment was especially provocative and telling.

“It’s taken me years to understand that my sexuality doesn’t hinge on the validation of others, and it will take even longer to learn how to live without that validation,” — Ian Gackowski

I’m so grateful this article was published and that the stories making it possible were also told. Thank you for all who stepped out to share.


The next 12 hours of my life will involve some chaotic mix of Stephanie, Dawnique, Sarah Baranik, Kevin, Kristin, my house, Harlem, JFK, Astoria, and hopefully a shower. I think that I opted for blogging over swimming but I my soul needs water. Badly.


This week, the NYT gave a homeless girl star treatment and by that I mean, they scrutinized and mulled over her story with more love but just as much of a fine-tooth comb.

All of this made me once again think about Coro and the powerful of learning how to write effective emails, motivate others, and Do The Work. Seriously, how many elephants in the room were ignored in a) the shelter, b) government buildings, c) Supreme and Chanel, d) Chanel and Supreme’s parents, e) other social workers.

Interpersonal communication, interaction, feedback, learning how to be liked, inability to have “Those” conversations, this epitomizes what maintains and enables dysfunction.


Merry Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your laptop. Mine is also a Dell, and has been on life support for the past year. I’ll be replacing it this Christmas – but at least I got 5 years out of mine. Still seems wasteful, though.

    Thanks for linking to that article – am having a read over it now.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading!

      I guess I just wished they could fix things–I didn’t have any shame in having a computer for five years but now it just Makes More Sense (whatever that means) to get a new one now that they are giving me my money for it. Hate it when you have to check your desire to conserve resources at the dollar’s door but I guess that’s the world we live in.

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