Dear Heather

Dear Heather,

Here is why this card is late. I have trouble accomplishing tasks that I anticipate being half-assed. Everything (except for applying makeup or proofreading) that I do, I aim to do with my entire heart and effort behind it and it is very hard for me, once I have committed to doing something at a particular scale, to minimize and shrink–no matter how realistic those edits may be.

But the major flaw in this life philosophy is that when I can’t do something large, and at the scale that I desire, I often just don’t do anything–write the letter, reply to the email, do the 10 minute French lesson, go for the 15 minute swim. It’s 30 minutes swim or bust or 2000 word essay on my blog or no writing at all. I’m rigid, inflexible and this is at once my Achilles heel and man is it a good one. There are so many swell reasons why it’s good to be good at small things.

1) it helps build up the muscles to do larger things

2) an action is better than no action

3) little, petite, tiny, all kills hubris. When I wait for my moment–the time I can write you an awesome, voluminous birthday card it becomes more about me (let me write this letter) than about you (your birthday) yikes. that is not a good thought and not very catalytic realization.

anyway, here’s to eating the elephant one bite at  a time and realizing its way more radical at times just to mail the card on time and exercise for 15 minutes than having endless dreams of a unforgettable letter and running a marathon. Remember Jesus himself, counter-intuitively became small to save all of humanity.


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