Sept. 22

House’ A Quiet Darkness still disturbs me, still teases me into thinking my bed needs another body.

There’s a breeze tonight fluttering and then dying down through the windows’ that I shoved up the first week I lived in Elmhurst and have yet to yank down.

This weekend:

  • Square Dancing (and casual bonding) with Josephine. How I love to laugh with my eyes and frolic with  New York City people!
  • Marielle and I perched on the ferry to Governor’s Island and soaked up the Statue of Liberty scenic-ness, picnicked on the lawn, danced around the French Carnival, giggled with goats, wished we had little ones, and wondered why we’d never done any of this before in our lives.
  • Chelsea, Mae and I strode down the Highline and up to the Standard bathrooms window with a view and then found a well-lit (because of the inversely proportional lighting and pricing ratio) noodle joint that fed our tummies so nicely. To be quite honest, I’m fairly convinced that I felt more satiated socially here in the city than I’ve ever.
  • Shoved two Trader Joe’s bags into Finnerty’s and recognized no one. Apparently, Baggs and Schulman came through later but I don’t know how to approach noisy groups when there’s there not a Giants game growing in the background. Lonely, because for everyone else, it’s community.
  • Junior High. I’m not stuck on anyone there but I’m a pro at the spontaneous generation of post-it activities. Poor Vanema.
  • I had no companion at the Brooklyn Bridge Festival and never felt lonely. Instead, I listened to Column McCann’s lilting, tragic accent read ambassador-peace poetry and Patrick Ness’ American/British hybrid speech expound on how kindness and niceness aren’t synonymous and Jane Yolen hijack the panel discussion to blurt out tidbits of her brain. Positively jubilant and I loved my yellow shorts-white-button-up-black-flat outfit too.
  • The Giants beat the Yankees on Mariano Rivera day and Andy Pettite’s last start. Pettite even took the loss. And all the prose and venues and yellow leaves were so pleasant I forgot to be sad I choose Brooklyn over the Bronx and Ness over the Giants and free over priceless.
  • Five years ago this weekend I saw the Yankees beat the Orioles in the last series ever played at the old Yankee Stadium.
  • My phone has terminal cancer. First five buttons lost their mobility and the speaker’s broke. Only a matter of time before I can’t make calls at all. I suppose I’ll try surviving right now.
  • I chowed on nachos tonight with folks from a clean water NGO that will all be in and about the General Assembly meetings this week at the United Nations. How should I feel when none of that dazzles me the way it might have?

Happy 15 years of Bfflship Alyssa Robin Hunnicutt Johnson. I wore a feather in my hair today and I love you so.


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