Oh to Take on the World and Be Glad!

ImageIf we can’t ascend to the summit of this grassy outlook adjacent to South Street Seaport and let our arms sing, our limbs just float across the East River in expressions of weightlessness and delight, then I should want to live the most futile life ever. For what good is it for us to swallow up all the pebbles of pain so that we lose our buoyancy, our truth, our liberation?

 From Dawnique to Morgan: You always ask great questions, you are eager, you challenge others and you take risks. To those meeting you for the first time…everyone wants a friend like my Morgan.”
From Morgan to Dawnique: “How do you imagine leading gently? How do you imagine defining success as the ability to sip a cold beverage on a warm day in the company of your close friends? What would it take for you to linger? I more than appreciate your relentless enthusiasm, your endless agency in your own life, your visceral awareness of injustice and all the humor and hyperbole that you are. I can’t wait for us both to be employed here in New York. Those are gonna be the days.”

Have no fear of uncertainty. After all, this becomes the reality when we’ve stripped away our own God illusions from the world we falsely believe we’ve crafted for ourselves. Fear only that which nudges you further from God.


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