Twenty-Three about Twenty-Two (I-X)



In the spirit of my birthday and reflecting, here are twenty-three anecdotes and details about my life that span my 22nd to 23rd birthday. Please read away and add the ones I’m neglecting in the comments. The next thirteen will be posted later this week. 

  1. For three months I collapsed onto the top bunk in an oversized classroom/storage room at Grace Lutheran Church, in New Orleans. My fellow staff member, Jocelyn, slept immediately underneath and my two boisterous, garrulous and most often, obnoxious male staff members also shared the room. (Yikes!) We had a blue tarp strung from the ceiling which they dubbed “the modesty curtain” and chastised anyone who attempted to trespass.
  2. Somehow, I finished half of Steve Jobs’ biography while simultaneously rising at 6:25am to lead staff meetings and crawling into bed at 12:25 after a debriefing phone call with someone to forget about the fact that the kitchen hadn’t been cleaned (again), the two churches we had this week weren’t clicking amongst each other, and whoops, remember that time I nicked adult leader’s car?
  3. There was a week when I read Chad Harbach’s 500 page The Art of Fielding. Oh and then, nine months later at Powerhouse books in DUMBO, I chatted with Harbach the plight of the Milwaukee Brewers.
  4. The day I met Harbach was also the day that I mistakenly believed my flight from Detroit to LaGuardia (via Chicago) left at 7:30. At 5:50 I groggy eyesed it out of bed to print my boarding pass, and lo! My flight was leaving in 10 MINUTES. (Quality time bonding with airport leather seats in the Detroit and Midway airports. Yuck. )
  5. One time I lived at a South Carolinian beach mansion for a week. And slept on second floor porch every night. All hail muggy weather!
  6. I met my closest friend in New York due to this combination of events: Go to the library after work, only because a Coro event is canceled due to the death of a friend of one of the Fellows. Observe that there is an event on cohabitation and given my obsession with analyzing relationships, attend. During Q&A there’s a girl who asks a question and discloses she’s commenting on  New York Times article and just happened to wander to this event. #MeantToBe
  7. Ben Affleck convinced me to watch movies or rather, his movies this year. Beyond Argo, the morally squishy, white, poor neighborhoods and characters of The Town and Gone Baby Gone once again disturbed my convictions of the notion I had of (my) America.
  8. I saw my father quite frequently this year. We survived the self-inflicted maelstrom of high emotions and Too Much Packing of graduation, hung out with the alligators in the Louisiana swamps, munched on Thai Food in Times Square, sang along with Phantom of the Opera and Evita from the second row (along with the rest of my family,) and dramatically debated what my future ought to entail post Coro. He’s coming for graduation in a couple weeks too. Love ya Daddy!
  9. I met Alice Le Blanc, an author and public health school administrator, when she offered me and my two Youthworks! kids picking up litter on Canal St., ice cold water on a stifling Fourth of July day. I watched Olympic volleyball on her couch and she made me lunch. And took a shower at her house since the showers weren’t draining back at Grace Lutheran…
  10. One time I was prowling around with Kevin and Luke on the Eisenhower jungle gym, err, roof. At one point we stood out on a ledge and at the same level as us, about 50 feet away were a bunch of students were treating the roof as a driving range. Eager to get some golf action, Kevin stepped towards them and straight into the air and plummeted 10 feet to where the roof height dramatically adjusted. Oh and then he went around campus telling everyone I pushed him. Thank God I have a blog to set the record straight. 

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