You + Me



2 thoughts on “You + Me

  1. What you allow is what will continue…..
    At first glance this statement is thought provoking. It indicates that WE have full control. I would like to think that it probably resonate more will with a type A personality. This indicates that regardless of what the universe toss at me if I continue to believe that when I enter a room persons will bypass the fact that I am black, I adore my natural hair and I have an accent. those sitting on the other side of the fence will see what I see and believe what I believe. Reality is, I can allow myself to believe that who I am is not define by my exterior however, I am constantly reminded that I can allow others to witness the best of me, it doesn’t means, the others will see the best of me.
    So what you allow is what will continue is define by another. I can try to fit life into a box it doesn’t mean that my life will be viewed as a box nor continue to look like a box. So my projection mix with your perspective mix with the unknown of life is what will continue not what I allow.

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