Composting Food and Old Habits too!

When I dropped by tangerine peels into the trash tonight, I realized that designating a plastic margarine cylinder to be home to food scraps, would not have thrown off the existing garbage system, disrespected the home of los abuelos or tacked on an extraneous errand to my morning commute. 

Instead, composting not only would have fed earth worms, fertilized that soil, and decreased my landfill DNA, but also saved me a whole lot of cognitive dissonance about how green my soul really is.

(Let’s be honest here. You can’t really say that you’re rejecting cars, when practically most everyone of 8 million New Yorkers takes the subway most everywhere.)

Rather than bloat myself with the self-righteousness that only comes from obsessing over pithy and witty  blogs and Op-Eds, I might apply that screen time to tending the earth, my home. “They’re my role models,” which provides a wonderful rationalization of why I spend so much time absorbing and so little time doing. 

“It is easier to live through someone else than to become complete yourself.”

Dear Betty Friedan, you are so very right, about that and the personal being political. I want  my life to drive the discussion, so why to I find it so much more worthy to let my internet history do the talking?  


2 thoughts on “Composting Food and Old Habits too!

  1. This reminds me of a conversation we had while walking the streets of Grantham. Three months until graduation and you said – I wonder what truths and values we’ll take from this place and continue to apply when it isn’t the norm and the people in your new surrounding don’t think the exact same way you do.

    For the record, I’ve been throwing my orange peels away too. And feeling the same amount of cognitive dissonance.

    • One of the things that I’ve learned from just working in so many contexts this year is how you end up relying on the existing systems in place rather than creating your own. It seems that there’s this almost invisible pressure at times to NOT create your own and step out of the grain. Living your values may then be LESS about finding some place that ALREADY conforms to your values and instead mustering up organization, decisiveness, perseverance and courage to create them on your own. Ingredients for making maturity? Perhaps!

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