For Jason

There have passed the days of Buenos Aires and Tuscan and Barcelona and Harrisburg, of conceiving of life thru mate & budlight, of rotted friendship and wobbly beginnings and yet this friendship charts on.

I don’t doubt it’s fidelity to long distance text messages and ache for presence, yet I know it will endure. We understand those things closest to each other. When I am old, everything that I was young will stay preserved in this. And it goes on and on and on.

There is some relief and novelty when new points of both connection and affection transpire. It is the line between attraction to a person based on historical inherent worth and flagrant curiosity. Yet as we align closer in the capacity that make us truly blindingly alive, that call on us to like each other based on the similar attributes we see in the other person we meanwhile geographically drift and then drive.

And we have let our community be not strong to a particular zip code but have made the waters and greenery of the planet into shared space.

I eagerly anticipate the future as confidants, fellow life enthusiastics, lovers of America’s pastime and delighters in life. That we shall strive not only to observe history but to live it. Play Ball.


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