Begin again

When I resumed Xanga after an initial two posts I deleted my entries in shame because I felt they were pathetic and inept.

Now I’m just sad that I can’t go back and read them. Maybe this has something to do with that thrill that I was referring to…you know, way back in like December? Wow, so much has changed. It’s ridiculous how much can transpire in less than a year. How much I have really not changed at all but seemingly all the circumstances of my friends and their lives has changed. We really are having the conversations that college kids have. Our real talk consists now so much more than just upcoming and dreaded homework assignments and tests. I feel very old, or rather, I feel like I actually am the age I am. I am not accustomed to that feeling at all. I think I’ve always felt younger than my age but now I feel like everything, all the musings and frustrations pounding in my head are age-appropriate.

Marriage. I think I’m really getting sick of hearing that word. I know that many of those conversations have been brought on by me in my response to seeing it everywhere but I really just want it to go again. Weddings are ruining my school year that’s for sure. And yes I know that’s a selfish thought. I’ll be working on it.

Finally, I really want to blog for Messiah this year. I would really enjoy being forced to write out my thoughts about my school year.

Start of something new (again)?

Hopefully. 15 days!


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