Now we’re back to the beginning / It’s just a feeling and no one knows yet

So I won’t try and be cute and say that blogging is not a source of pride for me. I like seeing my words published or at least on a screen that is accessible by anyone at anytime anywhere in the world. I like reading what I have had to say about things going back several years and gloating over how insightful I was back then. So that’s that. Blogging makes my ego bigger. I’m glad we’re clear.

That being said,  I hope that this confession won’t make you runaway from the text and feel that you are doing my favor by leaving it unread. On the contrary, I would really like to use this space to discuss not so much my ideas but things that are going on in my life, or our lives as the case my be, and also the lives of millions around the world. I hope on this blog to discuss both the minuscule and the grand. I don’t know. I guess I just want to rant, cry, mope, scream, and laugh about everything and remember that I did. I’m constantly processing information in my brain and it is ridiculous. These thoughts need to somehow make their way to paper. Unfortunately my hardback RAFT journal is being obsolete as it constantly loses battles to the internet. I hate it. So that is part of the reason for this blog.

Some of you, well, if there are any people that have ever read my xanga from sophomore year to last month may be wondering why I abandoned that. Well, to be honest, I wanted something where there was more traffic. Wow, this is sounding so vain. What I mean to say is, junior year of high school it felt that we were all writing and commenting on each other’s posts. I would like to start that again. That’s fun. That’s real. I like watching the philosophical and reflective feelings of people sprawl into words on the digital canvas.

Right now, I’m off to write about Islam and Wicca. I don’t want to whatsoever, but hard work brings satisfaction. (On a very much of a side note this was quoted in my planner as said by Anne Frank. I think the statement is true but it creeps me out because, she was sent to Auschwitz. There on the gates was a sign that said “Work makes freedom.” I’m sure we all are aware of what Auschwitz is. I don’t know. There’s something just horribly ironic about that.)

Anyway, hope to talk to you all in the nearest of futures.

Love, Morgan


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