I can’t- and won’t confess to loneliness.

but sometimes it would be a comfort to have someone.

And to you: I hope you know I envy you…not hate you. really.


Soon to be on MySpace (yes?)

I want to write a list and put it on MySpace (this is because quite honestly there are a very limited number of readers or at least acknowledged readers for my xanga)

But allow me to continue…this list would be the names of everyone I will be graduating in five months with and a sentence or so about our relationship/memories/thank you’s.
And a goal to let them know in person, Thank You, you at the very least brushed my life.
But really, this four years are so much of everything and I these people are the pinnacle of it.

I’ll start with the first three

Tommy- You’ve always said my name and said hi to me. Thank you for every time you’ve acknowledged me.
Natalie- You’ve always cared about your family and to me, things that really matter. You encourage me.
Carolina- Thank you for opening up and trying to fight your demons and the pain in your life and trying to overcome. You can do it.

So it’s a start…but a list I’m going to try and build on for the next couple months.

Also, break=wrecked by college apps.
grades=notlooking on power school
i need some new blood in my life

collab was actually really nice today. i don’t know why.
camille thinks we should go to disney world and as much as i think i should complain
it’s disney world and i really can’t

econ is really about to be my favorite class.

besides seeeeeesters (people left at home not fellow graduates for the record)
next year i will miss


i’m done. shalom