You’re probably on here

1) We aren’t talking a lot these days…I know we’re both EXTREMELY busy. There’s no accusation here, though, only love my dearest friend.

2) I don’t know what to do with you in my life. You keep screwing up everything…because, well I can basically sum up everything about you in this sentence sometimes the hardest thing and right thing are the same. Okay, scratch out the part about you screwing up…I keep screwing up. This sucks. Why? why? why?

3) You have been remarkable as of late. You’re the encouragement when I need it and the surprising initiator, those others that I thought would be taking the lead aren’t but you have. I’m so happy to still have you in my life. STAY.

4) I really don’t know why I have so much antipathy for you. I mean its not like you’ve ever been outrightly mean or wretched to me. Maybe, yes that’s it, indifferent. Indifferent to me and my life. It’s funny; at one point I really thought you cared.

5) So, I think that you are beautiful. And ethnic. And talented. And so dear to my heart…I know life’s discouraging and I know many things in your life are not whatsoever they way that they should be. Jesus will never fail you even if I do though. Please know that more than anything else.

6) I talk to you more than anyone.All the time. I’m so glad that we are so close this year. We talk about shallow ALOT but we also have these good good discussions about ourselves and our lives. You make school worth going to.



One thought on “You’re probably on here

  1. duude, am i number one? lol… thats the only one that fit on the list. maybe i’m not even on it. haha. i loooove your layout, super cute

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