To the two season ticket holders whom I accompanied on Friday Night,

For once in my life, I made sense. Granted, I was a little bit more on the shrieky side but I cannot say how much I appreciated you.

Love, Morgan

P. S. there’s a true blog going to be written about this.


i know you don’t find it legit.

i know you don’t.
but i do love the redsox.
i seriously do.

i guess the more we love the more room their is to be let down.
this man, though, it BURNS. WHY NOW? WHY NOW?

I love you and you let me down.

Do we, as people, have a tendency for failure and to letting people down?

I am sick of being let down by celebrities, awana HQ people in charge of scholarship camp, close friends and my brain that makes all my lousy decisions.

This week has probably been one of the worst weeks for that…if you know me than you know why.

You wonder how many times God will have to have those people fail me so I turn to him, the only being that never will.

Let’s stop saying it just to say it.

Because if we’re not going to act with accordance with what we’re saying it’ll only destroy it for everyone else.

I want to update…sooon.