Goodbye to everything that you do.

Squirt at camp (and paraphrased Morgan styled)
                         Would you rather be ignored for who you are? Or adored for who are not?


Deaths in the past year-July 11.
Giants playoff chances.
AWANA Scholarship camp.
Best/Good Friendship with Erica Chow
Summer love 2007

Births in the past year-July 11
High School Musical Obsession
Renewed delight for Razor and Mr. T
College Board and Princeton Review memberships
Jazzercise student(ship?!)

I’m going on vacation on Saturday. Thrilled to pieces about the airplane ride. The rest I’ll be delighted to spend some good quality time with Megan, mah love.

I want to meet college boys with Vanessa. But I don’t think she’ll let me. haha

Oh and I got this interesting pageanty almost dress from Vietnam. Just find me a place to wear it baby.

Off to seeeeeee Michelle and Allison my favorites from camp!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to everything that you do.

  1. Okay so have you heard of the show Firefly? It’s this really good sci-fi show. Anyways I just realized that the main captain guy is Coach Bolton from hsm, and in one episode Zac Efron plays the doctor in the past (flashback).Wierd.And, there was officially NO ONE there on sunday. You guys, the Ewings, Munekawas, Saitos, Okanos, Hunnicutts, Chows, and Bhagats were all gone.MY POOR SELF.Yes, pity me please.

  2. hope you’re having fun back east! when do you get back? yahh life has been pretty crazy, but i do love working at coldstone! i’m gonna keep working through the school year. another thing to add to my crazy life! can’t wait to hear about all your fun adventures! love you lots!

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