Don’t kiss me yet- my courage is lacking!

Once upon a time a duck ran into the middle of the street and was run over by a car. Anyway…

ad: Seventeen year old dreamer seeks quality friendships with those
that will replace the void left by —–, quality would mean here:
not only to me but to everyone else even when I may bad-talk them so
that then then I will be challenged by their example to extend my
Sacrificial- be willing to risk what the world holds
dear for a better relationship with God and also being willing to risk
friendship with me in order to confront things in my life;
Popular- is genuinely well-liked by all his/her friends and knows lots of people so then I can meet more people!
does not want to hurt me by the truth but understands that lying about
how they feel about something I’m doing or making up excuses why they
don’t want to hang out with me will hurt more.

To be continued……
After scholarship camp?


One thought on “Don’t kiss me yet- my courage is lacking!

  1. your backround reminds me of jamba juice =P
    i’ve seen a duck get run over before… my sister wanted to make it into dinner. gross.
    your personl ad is interesting. do i qualify, or do i not count because i’m already your friend, even though we never hang out. =( sometime this summer we really need to, not just say we will, but actually do it. and you can tell me allll about camp!

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