Don’t kiss me yet- my courage is lacking!

Once upon a time a duck ran into the middle of the street and was run over by a car. Anyway…

ad: Seventeen year old dreamer seeks quality friendships with those
that will replace the void left by —–, quality would mean here:
not only to me but to everyone else even when I may bad-talk them so
that then then I will be challenged by their example to extend my
Sacrificial- be willing to risk what the world holds
dear for a better relationship with God and also being willing to risk
friendship with me in order to confront things in my life;
Popular- is genuinely well-liked by all his/her friends and knows lots of people so then I can meet more people!
does not want to hurt me by the truth but understands that lying about
how they feel about something I’m doing or making up excuses why they
don’t want to hang out with me will hurt more.

To be continued……
After scholarship camp?


Why are we facing the freaking “Mr. June” A’s tomorrow?

May 25: Matt Cain and the Giants take the Rockies. Leading by 3 going into the 7th the bullpen blows the lead and they go into the 9th tied. Armando Benitez comes in and decides to let the Rockies go for the win which they do.

May 27: Noah Lowry pitches alright against Colorado (4 innings though into the 5th before giving up 3 runs). Giants come back and tie it to give Lowry the no-decision. Brad Hennessy gives up two runs in the top of the 10th.

May 29: A fierce battle between Oliver Perez of the Mets and Tim Lincecum ensues which includes the Giants coming back and making it 3-3 (Ortmeier home run). The bullpen endures bases loaded jams in the 10th inning and perilous situations in the 9th and 11th. Winn helps scratch up a run in the top of the 12th only to see Armando Na-baulk-off void all of the Giants efforts.

June 3: Lincecum again on the hill pitches well against the Phillies until the bottom of the 7th. His teammates having scored 7 runs to go ahead 7-3 Lincecum and Taschner work together to collectively blow the four run lead and turn it into a 1 run lead. The Giants fight back, tying it into the 9th only to watch Correia give up a game ending home run.

June 4: The Giants just won’t seem to let Matt Cain win again (record somewhere around 2-10 when the 22 phenom starts) as the once again fight back against Arizona to tie the game in the 8th inning. Endure both the 9th and 10th tied before Correia gives up a walkoff home run in the bottom of the 10th.*

*Young will also drive in the only run in a D’backs in the Wednesday night victory over Matt Morris.

Five of the most painful losses of the year. I think I’m getting a little numb to it actually. 4 under .500 and last in the division. We’re going to keep wasting our starting pitching and I’m going to waste a nice summer.


Since most of you dear readers don’t speak baseball…The All-Nighter was probably the the most fun thing I’ve done this summer with my twice in 12 hours Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End feat.

-Diving into the foam pit and ruining my tank top with blue foam
-failing to be able to do crowd control
-microphones (WHY WERE THE ON?)
-the bus ride! no worries for meeeeee
-definitely definitely 6:30 in the morning, lying on cushions and just talking/sleeping
-bus karoke
-throwing my back out at sky high
-vanessa+volleyball=best reason ever she joined our crew
-standing on ladders with duck tape and going AHHHH (very dangerous)
-Giants did win that night!
-worship came late, was loud, still amazing
-Scott Taylor can teach man!


I have stuff to stay on women celebrities…name some for me and I’ll do some of Morgan’s commentary on them.


Finally, Please attend The Rebelution. It’s $25 and the day before camp but I might be able to get you a ride. It should be some really good stuff so let me know if you want to attend.