Brief Reflections on a school year

It’s wrapping up and I have no control.

Things I have to say.
While admittedly I had many I found beloved in last years graduating class (I missed so many of them this year) I never have been closer to seniors than this year.
Claire Dorman
Emma Caoli
Amy Recuero
Justin Albert,
Julie Stelzner
Cara Uy
Heather Maslowski
Chris Munkekawa
Shelly Saito
Becki Lewis
James Weaver
Lawrence Chu (I KNOW!)
Adam Copeland
Jasmin Denoga
My mind draws blanks….Comment me and I’ll add

I never went on stage with the curtain up yesterday.
My life has flip-flopped in mind swings and other nice? things in a span of possibly 5 hours.

I didn’t feel hurt and pain as acutely as I did last year.
The AP test didn’t include such a cathartic moment.
I read less. And owed the freaking library more.
The people I call my best friends at the moment are the ones I always want to call just that.
Spanish Corner was community like I’ve never felt as school.
If I’ve developed relationships with my teachers before It was never like this.
Mr. Fine or friend? There is nothing like talking KNBR with teachers.
Top lockers? Still had to deal with pesky people next to you.
Journalism conversations healed and hurt.
Year was less anti-social than I thought.
I love JOSH AND SARAH. (not so much Kyle and Frederick)
Green Group rocks seriously and so do geography lessons and reading our Bibles!
I want to be myself more than ever before.
I decided its hard to be around people that don’t care about me.
Carpooling with Kevin. Oh Oh Oh. =]
Cross-country season ended barely 6 months ago and is starting next week!
Jazzercise is an opiate for the dance hungry.
I still love the Giants if only that Damon Bruce makes me want Larry back even more.

RandyWinn and MattMorris LOVE.

Please listen to this (full version)
I’ll miss you Class of 2007.
Go out and Change the World with Jesus Christ.


8 thoughts on “Brief Reflections on a school year

  1. i seriously didn’t understand half your post…
    anyways, does thursday night still work, cuz i really want to go! lmk!
    great seeing you btw, i’m totally stealing your shirt

  2. I love it when you speak in tongues like the second half of your post. “Why do all good things come to an end?” Graduating is not the end. It’s something new! You’ll be here next year also. 🙂

  3. Heckyes i am going to read your book. I read all the backofthebook, intro stuff, and the first few pages. And it sounds interesting. We shall see. Thankya very much. Oh, and where in my yearbook did you sign? I know you did, but i’ve been searching all over to find it =/

  4. Dude can you believe we’re going to have to wait a whole year before we have to even THINK about it anymore? I’m not quite sure what to do with myself, truly.It’s an odd feeling.

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