Again. These are so fun.

Some of you read my xanga…and some of you don’t…just to clarify

1. You deserve to be number one. And you know who you are. And so does everyone else. I love you.

2. I know you’re somewhat jealous of me but heck! I’m jealous of you, my dear.

3. I know that Jesus answers prayers because of how hard I prayed for you. I smile everytime I think of you.

4. One of the dark spots of this year. Don’t think you’re off the hook, please?

5. You were number 3. You bugged me. I told you. It still holds the same. Except even more. You=irreplaceable.

6. I think you’re my best friend at school. Something like that. =] I hope you still read this thing. I mean it too.

7. IM me. CALL me. EMAIL me. hahahhaaaaa no I just get jaded whenever I always take the initiative.

8. I don’t know why I have you on here….except for the fact….if you ever read this…GIANTS TICKETS!

9. Which brings me to you, probably one of the only people that has ever made me feel, well, included.

10. It’s too bad our lives don’t cross paths anymore. or very much at least. You’re too precious not to fight for.

11. You are my mentor. I miss you terribly. Just seeing you made my day. I think I’ll come in more often.

12. Definitely, definitely, a keeper. I’m thrilled  that you’re here for good.

13. Fastest friendship yet. I can see why everyone else is so fond of you.

Goodbye. Time to get ready loves!


8 thoughts on “Again. These are so fun.

  1. yeah, these always make me terribly curious to what number I am. Of course, I never expect you to tell me cause I know you never will. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t seem that any of these apply, so I wouldn’t even be suprised if I’m not on here =)A week without talking about sports and life seemed like a long time. Oh well, I had an awesome week. Finally, the prestige! wow. Umm, what’s going on with the all-nighter? plan soon?

  2. Morgan, morgan, morgan.It makes me sad also :[ I hope we have some catchup time again soon, since we dont see each other any more and i miss you terribly
    `Til monday, Noemi.
    These things are so fun :]

  3. okie u sed im 1 of these #s. i realli do not noe who i kud b. haha but u made me quite curious m an.
    morgan. wut wud i do witout u? u realli make me wanna stay at moreau mor than ne1. so thx 4 everythin =D luv ya!

  4. hmmm my guess is i’m number 10, but i could be mistaken. would you tell me if i’m right?
    Ohhh so guess who has a date to formal 😉

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