I want peace.
I want Mohamed to go to bed at night know that his uncle was not murdered by a Baghdad suicide bomb victim.
I want Sani to know that her brother was not killed by the Janjaweed
I want Zayla to have her home back… even though it was razed 5 months ago by Mugabe.
I want Sarah in Israel to know that every Arab country in the Middle East believes that her country is a true country.
I want
Aabish to know that her husband will respect her and honor her for the rest of her life, despite Shari’a law.
I want Tanya to publish everything she writes and never fear that Putin’s government will silence her.
I want 4 year-old DaTasha Wilson of Richmond, to have the life back that was stolen by a stray bullet 3 weeks ago.

And I want Peter to know that the though there is turmoil in his life and relationships, Jesus Christ died on the cross to give his heart rest and eternal peace.

For what good is peace on earth?
When there is no peace in man’s heart?


5 thoughts on “

  1. morgan….i love ur backround, but it’s so sad!
    and i also love ur pic, but u look a LIL down in it… 😦
    but i really like ur post, very true..
    OH and we have to hang out soon, wish it was summer!!!!!!!

  2. i did call you like three times and you never picked up the phone or called me back! oh well, i’ll see you in a couple hours anyways

  3. yessss it was very awesome getting to see you! you better have a fantastic time in LA.
    lol more in depth what we were talking about on the way home? what we were talking about was so shallow though =P

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