i’m alright. seriously. stop spazzing people. =]

Battle Cry was frickin amazing for these reasons:
25,000 kids I’m going to see in heaven again
Justin Yaeger’s house/car/life experience
Mango ice cream with Alyssa
Forest, yes you random kid, I met.
Rachel and her hilariousness.
I am not the only one out there.
Catharsis and go look it up.
screaming. screaming. crying.
unhindered: guys they love love love Jesus.
James and his pink camera and in-n-out turtleneck
All those reluctant AT&T park employees
Being where the Giants play baseball
Chris. Worship. mmhmm
Nessa coming for every part she could.
The voice of truth…tells me a different story.
the voice of truth. says DO NOT BE AFRAID!
Jesse Sloan wish we could have talked more.
My heart pumping a ton.
Jumping and jumping and jumping.
Garlic fries not really.
Loud, Loud. Loud.
Worshiping Jesus 24 hours straight.
Bart ride home = amazing.
Sun burns duh.
grinning tell I went dumb.

Romans 1:16 I am not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.
And I am so not.


4 thoughts on “

  1. take take take it all! oh my goodness, i can’t believe how awesome it was! although i would’ve loved to have seen you more =P it was fun hanging out with you! (lol taking my shirt off behind the van!) maybe next time theres a youth conference my ball and chain will be gone. or a longer chain would work too. love ya lots babe

  2. Gaaaah Unhindered was AMAZING! I think my favorite part was the worship. Man… 25,000 kids. WE ARE NOT ALONE!WE ARE THE REDEEMEDWE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE FREE…and we belong to Jesus.Love love love everywhere and in the air!

  3. aww! u made me smile! 🙂 thank u!  love u too morgan lee!
    and yes we should talk soon and hang out soon! i do have a game tmorrow at fcs at 330, so if u want to go to that that’d be cool! but we should try to plan a time where we can go do something after or something too… ok well i shall ttyl!

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