Dear Journal,

One day I was young and I did not know what I was doing. Does my ignorance absolve me of my guilt?

Dear Journal,

One day I knew what I was doing but I didn’t think of the consequences. You can’t punish me for that.

Dear Journal,

One day I knew exactly what I was doing and the consequences and I did it anyway. So what. I don’t want to pay.

Dear Journal,

One day I realized that every time I did what I did, I was punishing Jesus. And I realized I didn’t care.

Dear Journal,

Actions speak Louder than Words. I don’t love him anymore apparently.

Dear Journal,

What type of guy is there that Loves in you spite of yourself?

Dear Journal,

My heart just broke.


4 thoughts on “mmhmm.

  1. honestly i have no idea what to comment about on this post, so i’ll just say i can completely relate to pretty much all of it. Dont know exactly what prompted this, but I hope whatever it is everything works out.
    Battle Cry is in two days… holy cow, i seriously can’t wait. You guys better come visit me in my middle section seats. lol

  2. Where do these things come from, Morgan Lee? I swear we need to talk more. Of course, we never DO talk about our love lives. Which is rather interesting… I was thinking about that lately, that neither you or I know the other’s love angst. But I like it that way, you know? It’s like- we’ve got better things to do than talk about boys and be shallow. Keeps me accountable too… I’m always like “I can’t tell so-and-so about my love life, Morgan doesn’t even know!”. And then it keeps it on the down-low, like it’s not that big of a deal. Which is true… it’s NOT that big of a deal.Anyways.Just some thoughts.I still wonder where things like this come from though.((ps: I know this isn’t really about your love life. More about Jesus. But my point still stands.))

  3. a post! ok well i don’t know exactly what u are talking about in this, but i can relate to almost every journal entry.. is this really outta ur journal?  hehe ok well i shall ttyl!

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