Anyone want to help me?

Things I am responsible for:

Cutting my hair to my shoulders
IMing people
Talking to God
Getting anything in this place done
Raising my Chem grade
Saving friendships
Finding a date for prom
Comforting myself
Turning up the music loud
                                     So I can’t feel it.
Giving it to God
Naming the All-Nighter
Driving in puddles.
And not listening to the radio.

Help. Help. Help.


10 thoughts on “Anyone want to help me?

  1. HAH. I give you name for All-nighter. Heather the fabulously famous and efficient name it for you.BRIDGES ALL-NIGHTER. (oh)Brilliant, I say. Perfectly brilliant.(whYYY do we need an excellently witty name, again?)

  2. loved Lost, i feel so better now that its on track one again. my bakground music is the blood elf theme from world of warcraft. been playing like mad as my drug to keep my mind off Lost while it was on break.

  3. you cut your hair to your shoulders? or you’re going to… hmm you’d look cute if you did/do. you’re going to the prom?! sweet. i’ll dress up in a tux if you can’t find a date =P i’ll do your hair if you want for it though. good talking with ya the other night. i need to call you and really catch up!

  4. umm you’ve never been to gilead because.. there’s never been a chance. you can come to gilead day! may 6th i think.. i’ll check. maybe a bunch of us can go and carpool. that would be so much fun! annnd you need to visit me there this summer, ok?

  5. awww yah, i really missed being there. i couldn’t go friday because jr co., and then saturday i had to teach and rehearse and stuff. i want to hear all about it! awww i wish he had, i was awake at 7:45, believe it or not. talk with ya soon!

  6. sooo will i get to see you at battle cry? i better get to! man, i dont remember the last time i saw you. we need to do something together. soon.

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