When so-and-so get married…

I’m super tired.

Reason 23463476 why this week wasn’t as bad as I had thought:
Laughing on the Food Court Floor at New Park Mall.
Any questions?

SAT. Mock Trial. Sleep.
I’m really angry at someone again and I hope she knows that.
Okay, pray for me. I need to pray for you.



8 thoughts on “When so-and-so get married…

  1. The day Heather and Chris get married is the day my parents tell me they’re actually celibate and I came by stork.Also, the day Heather and Chris get married is a photographer’s nightmare because all the bridemaids and groomsmen will keep falling on the floor laughing.xD rofl indeed.

  2. I think they’d make a fantastic couple. Just think, if they were having a baby, and if they thought it was going to be a girl, and if it turned out to be a male, they wouldn’t need to return all the baby clothes they’d already purchased…they could just dress up little Chris Jr just like his father, girl jeans and sweatshirts and all. See? It’s beautiful. Random, curly, mole hairs? *Grabs net to catch spleen just in case she laughs it out*

  3. hmmm i can maybe pencil you in for presidents weekend. lol. my schedule is crazy right now! ohh guess what! i found out i’m one of the princesses in The 12 Dancing Princesses!!!! I’m soooo stoked. you better come, or i’ll beat you up =P

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