Goodbye 2006. Goodbye.
I have grown so much. I have faltered all the time.
I have different people who make my life what it is.
I have beauty. I have sin.

Anyway, in an effort not to have another melodramatic post lets do shoutouts for an awesome break.

Party at the Lee’s
– or more like blowup or burn down or rip my hair out. I love you guys all. My stuffed animals also felt that love I believe. And Justin, thanks for making sure everyone left with frosting stains. Never again plan such a grandiose party when you only get out of school a day before!

Nativity Movie– Keisha Castle-Hughes may be the dumbest person alive. I’ve realized teenagers only learn through experience and not advice but she basically had the experience of being pregnant but still went out and got pregnant afterward. Whatever. I give up. Amazing movie though because the birth of Jesus moves more and more the older I get.

Nutcracker in SF– my two wonderful friends it was delightful to have time just for ourselves even at the end of the year. Changing in parking garages creates an onslaught of inside jokes! Erica and Heather applaud yourselves for giving me the best day of break.

Lee household gets sick– It’s called the holiday crash. First my Dad crashes down in a random shoe store in SF, then Mallory crashes from a severe stomach ache on New Years Eve and then I crash with awful cramps on New Years Day. Yay though for staying in bed the whole day and watching POTC2 extras and USC win the Rose Bowl again.

Arthurs visit- and we only see them over 3 days. Mallory and I must go see them during the summer. Megan I love you and totally miss you! We didn’t even get to go driving. =[

Other Memories include MySpace, Bart trains, Jim Rome (oh yeah oh yeah!), 49ers beat Broncos, anything with Chris, staying up to 4 with Heather, going to McKenzie’s soccer game, playing Danger on Deception Island with Mallory, texting, watching X-Men I-III, Cars, World Trade Center, It’s a Wonderful Life, Lake House, Akeelah and the Bee and Jeopardy! tons of times, laughing, spending time with Jesus, no homework, being myself, and spending quality time all around. 2 days remain!

CALL ME! Let’s do something! NOW!


5 thoughts on “Farwell

  1. OH! I like this layout even more, lol. If that’s possible.Anyways, I’m so glad I could be a part of your best day of break. I think it was the best for me too… đŸ˜€ And of course, staying up until four and then huddling outside in our pajama’s under a blanket only four hours later. That was killer. Did I tell you I went back to bed and slept for another five hours? Yeah. Lazy bum.

  2. Man, way too many good moments to relive again. Remember about a year ago when I teased you about USC losing and you pretty much shunned me out of your life for a couple weeks. Way too funny.

  3. yep i wrote it a couple months ago, but never felt like posting it. glad you liked it, i wasn’t sure if people think rhyming poems are cheezy now.. lol

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