Speechless <3

I had a blast with thee Ballet friends on Saturday.
I guess despite what I may say about camp, about feeling totally loved there…correction: that was ballet.
I left these people and told practically no one. I didn’t talk to most of them from June to last weekend.
I was too ashamed to email or call most of them.
I was a coward.

But these people are amazing. I was received with such warmth and love and tenderheartedness it was really like I had never left. ever. I wasn’t ignored. No one was angry or bitter towards me. Everyone included me. I was back in the family. Not only did they miss me but they wanted me there.

Parents came up to me and asked why I left. My friends of all ages pleaded with me to come back. Everyone was oh so glad. Yes and  I got a million offers, which I did accept, to take the company class!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Joyce, Olivia, Kimberly, Sarah, Melissa, Emma, Edith, Claire, Leah, Helene, Rachel, Miss Peggy, Miss Darlene, Miss Joy, Miss Heidi, Omar, Larissa, Lillian and Krista for an absolutely fantastic time. Nutcracker was amazing and You guys made my year!

I will never forget you guys no matter what happens with me and ballet. ❤


6 thoughts on “Speechless <3

  1. ^________^ I do have AIM, actually. But I don’t get on much. – – My brother disconnects my internet sometimes. So when I do get on, I would be doing homework… or writing an entry.
    >_< But I don’t have a myspace, sorry!

  2. XD did heather tell you?!?!?!WE ARE SOOOO GOING TO A MOVIE LIKE WE DID LAST CHRISTMAS BREAK. ohhh my goshhh. i miss you. are you going to battle cry. YOU BETTER. last year was hekka fun with youuuu. dude. you know i used to go to ballet petit like hekka long ago. anywayssss XD

  3. Thank you, but credit must go to Rumi, who uses the phrase repeatedly. He was a 13th century Sufi (Islamic mystic) poet, and he is absolutely brilliant. I highly reccomend checking him out.

  4. awww *feels loved* lol. it was good to see you saturday! even if i was pretending to be mean =P burgar king would’ve for sure been boring to go to with just my dad… yay for ballet! i’m sad it’s all over *tear*

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