now this is the truth

blue. yes you blue.

i’m so over life right now.
i’m tired of it all.

and i’m tired of lying.
i know that i’m lying.

and yes it is to all of you who read this.
but i’m really supposed to give you the truth?

oh well.

(those of you that i love, the ones i know aren’t going anywhere,
please force this painful heartache out of me.
life won’t get any better until i can confront it)


2 thoughts on “now this is the truth

  1. Morgan. You got to stop this code talk before you give deary Heather a heart attack. Serious, I get all worried and my blood pressure goes up every time you post on here. >_< I sound like my grammama. Ahhh well it sounds like I need to call you and make you talk. Talk straight.Confrontations suck but you might as well spell life C-O-N-F-R-O-N-T-A-T-I-O-N-S.I think I’m reading too many series of unfortunate events books…

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