if i whispered….I like you

would you care now?

or is it too late?


close your eyes babe.
the tears will come.
the tears will come.


7 thoughts on “Poetry(andTruthperhapsBehind)

  1. indeed its sad. i think they should bring bak the internet exerience when the show goes on break.
    next ep will finally be a Other flashbak which I thought wouldve been sooner but so far the show has worked out well. Juliet will be interesting to see. Is Mr Emerson seriously 51? he loox great for his age

  2. most of the msg boards are annoying so i dunt go on them.i wasnt surprised much with kate n sawyer cuz it seems that jack and juliet may go sumwhere. sawyer tho yea may die, the actor thinks he is but i dunt think it will be soon.

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