“I love a firmness in you

that disdains the trivial

and regains the difficult”

I love you because
you are only you.
I shall always love you
because you make my life bearable.
And Beautiful.

I want to meet the person
(For I have met the God)
who makes my life matter.


9 thoughts on “Musings…

  1. i like…it’s sort of mysterious.  however, more clarification is needed to make it even better.  anyway, im going with cards in 6…you know what’s funny…ive been wrong this whole post season about who would win.  thank goodness i dont gamble…i thought it would be twins and yanks and dodgers and pads…then i thought it would be detroit against mets…and then i thought detroit in 5…and now im going with cards in 6.  like i said, i dont gamble for a reason…haha good talking to ya lately.  later – chris

  2. haha…silly Chris! How could you speak more plainly?! Maybe it’s just a girl thing.
    I definitely understand what you’re saying here, Morgan, and I just hafta tell you…….I think it’s beautiful!

    Love ya…

  3. interesting.. just finished doing poetry for my creative writing class.dude, seriously, Lost! its like most of my thought in a day. i just bought the soundtrac for season 2. im worried bout Eko and Locke next episode.. somethin bad is gonna happen. >_<

  4. i noe, 2 episodes.. imma go crazy just like over the summers Lost wasnt on. at least i have both seasons on dvd, be sniffin those till feb.
    sumthin happens to Eko next ep, not sure what. but I like those chars- the faith team= Locke, Eko, Desmond. I love all the chars, but those stand out for me. Jack too, for his personal drama. i do a lot of story writing and Lost is a insanely great inspiration

  5. i like. i like very much
    ah just wanna try out some other journal things, thats all. if thats a valid excuse..
    and boxedthoughts! wow, (i think) its so cool. basically its a stream of thoughts from people from all over. basically you have a small box to write a thought in, thats gets mixed into this stream of thoughts. and the things is here you have no name, just  anumber. so you can really write whatever you want or thougth at the moment, and not fear being caught or have privacy issues and stuff. i dont know, try it if you want.
    <3loveyou, noemi.

  6. uhh not particularly…i just had a “I need to put thoughts down on paper” moment.  I’ve been writing a lil more and experimenting with different genre’s of stuff…It’s a good way to release inner tension.
    Anyway, I’ll get to your email tommorow, I was watching phantom of the opera with my cousin from oregon.  so im not sure if im going to the church tommorow, but im not sure what youre doing either.  lmk, becca said she invited you ppls to hang with her so i think im gonna go do that.  pumpkin patch is pretty boring anyway.  night. 

  7. in response to your monologue, yes im dissapointed that wash is gone…i mean he is hte heart and soul of A’s defense. But when it comes to baseball, beane is the chief, and I remember being upset with hudson and mulder left. Look at them now. I just dont question him anymore. anyway, im still waiting for an email…it’s not really bothering me as much as things on my mind. friendships are sacred, and ive come to that conclusion. I hate that feeling of drifting away, you know? Like the value of a friendship can never be measured by anything. Yes Cal vs. Usc, my house…party nov 18th @ 5 pm…beer, games, food, and trash-talking. be there or be square. My dad is a CAL alumni so you may not be allowed to ever talk to me again if USC wins. well, hope you feel better…chicken soup! and lots of happy thoughts. goodnight =)

  8. yea. well it aint over just yet. just a small zone of me having withdrawals again just like over the summer, gonna have to be sniffin them uploading episodes and my box sets till feb 7- juliett episode bum bum buuum!

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