Here Today. Gone Tomorrow&Forever

Cory Lidle. Born: 1972. Died 2006.

I’m kind of at a loss right now. Some of you have heard in person the words I will now pen.
I heard him pitch on Saturday.
What the hell went wrong?
I’m really so confused because I can go online right now and watch plays
of the Saturday game where he is pitching against the Tigers.
He’s alive there!
If the Yankees had beaten Detroit he would still be alive.
Why him? He’s the husband of Melanie. The father of Christopher.
He probably was not destined for the Hall of Fame;
I hated him as a Yankee.
I didn’t like the Phillies too much either this year: 6-0 against SF.
What the hell went wrong?
I’ve shed tears for this man I’ve only known through the radio.
I only saw the first picture of him yesterday.

I’m at a complete loss.

Yankees vs. Oakland. Cory Lidle LIVES!

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow Forever. RIP

And one more thing: Whitman is Lidle’s poker buddy
who he was supposed to see on Wednesday.

Whitus said he spoke with Lidle about that game, and Lidle said he
was sorry he had not pitched his best. He made some good pitches and
made some bad pitches, and the Yankees’ season was over.

Lidle was invigorated about the winter. Soon he would head to the
skies, indulging another passion, savoring the good life that baseball
had provided.

“I’m disappointed,” he told Whitus, “but life goes on.” Only it didn’t.


5 thoughts on “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow&Forever

  1. From ages 11-13, I screamed his name every 5 days cheering him on in the Green and Gold.  I remember being happy when he was announced as the possible game 4 starter during the 2001 ALDS…I remember going to a game in which he was pitching.  And then he left and I almost forgot about him until I heard about the trade.  Death is such an impropable topic to fathom. 
    Anyway, good post and hope you do well at xc and studying.  ill be havin fun at the concert thing … too bad you couldnt make it.  oh and now that it’s apparent that the A’s aren’t going to make it to the WS, it’s been a fun year of team bashing and rooting…may it continue next year also.  =)

  2. haha sorry we didnt get the chance to talk…i was talking to sarah and by the time we finished you guys left…but we will get the chance sometime soon.  sorry i didnt get back to your other email yet either…i have a statistics quiz tommorow morning so ive been studying for that…
    anyway you know how i put that video of the hat on my myspace?  i got a whole bunch of random threats from random tiger fans cussing me out.  hahaha.  so have a good friday…night =)

  3. Ehhh… how was SPIRIT WEEK??!?!??!?! Indiana Juniors, what up??? 😀 Let me know if those pants fit you… they’re kinda big on me, I was thinking- how the frick are they gonna fit on HER little frame? O_oAhhwell. We need to figure out something to do on halloween. My friend at school told me about this haunted maze in Morgan Hill… but that’s kinda far away, you know?

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