100 Freaking Miles and He’s Out.

Baseball’s Fall Classic just became my life.

And First Quarter ends next week. 25% done with  junior year?
There are certain people responsible for my relative stability this week. And you know who you are. Thank you.

I feel at this moment if I publish something about any team it will be dated in like what, hours?
Love though. I’m feeling it!

New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
San Diego Padres
Los Angeles Dodgers
…why God does this to me I will not ever know.

I got my first shot (in my arm not in a glass) today…I think I’ve avoided them since like 5th grade so this was new.

Now Rally Twins&Tigers Rally!

keep praying for me. I love you.


7 thoughts on “100 Freaking Miles and He’s Out.

  1. WHY WHY WHY THE SAD FACE!!??!?!? Call me if you unhappy. I don’t like you being sad. IT’S A TRAVESTY.Anyways. I’ll be Chicago but I’ll still have my cell. So yeah. Call me.Did you get my message monday? Ahaha I ended up talking with erica for like a half hour…

  2. man i almost feel like ditching my soccer game on friday just to watch the game.  man i love torii hunter now also. 
    btw, the video in your aim profile is pretty powerful…good find.  later

  3. i got your message…it was nice of you to congradulate my team.  And even though I know your upset at me cause the A’s won, I thought id just add that it was a good yet short talk with ya last night.  i feel like i had more to say.  sorry i missed your calls…i was at soccer then @ the gym…see ya sunday

  4. every fan of baseball should sympathize with the death of Lidle…even if he was a yankee…he was an A first.  r.i.p. man. 
    and really, I dont want to talk if youre gonna blast the A’s.  maybe we can tlak about something else…like the weather.  they have some must win games in games 3 and 4…we will see…i may be a very grumpy person come sunday.

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