“I love a firmness in you

that disdains the trivial

and regains the difficult”

I love you because
you are only you.
I shall always love you
because you make my life bearable.
And Beautiful.

I want to meet the person
(For I have met the God)
who makes my life matter.


Here Today. Gone Tomorrow&Forever

Cory Lidle. Born: 1972. Died 2006.

I’m kind of at a loss right now. Some of you have heard in person the words I will now pen.
I heard him pitch on Saturday.
What the hell went wrong?
I’m really so confused because I can go online right now and watch plays
of the Saturday game where he is pitching against the Tigers.
He’s alive there!
If the Yankees had beaten Detroit he would still be alive.
Why him? He’s the husband of Melanie. The father of Christopher.
He probably was not destined for the Hall of Fame;
I hated him as a Yankee.
I didn’t like the Phillies too much either this year: 6-0 against SF.
What the hell went wrong?
I’ve shed tears for this man I’ve only known through the radio.
I only saw the first picture of him yesterday.

I’m at a complete loss.

Yankees vs. Oakland. Cory Lidle LIVES!

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow Forever. RIP

And one more thing: Whitman is Lidle’s poker buddy
who he was supposed to see on Wednesday.

Whitus said he spoke with Lidle about that game, and Lidle said he
was sorry he had not pitched his best. He made some good pitches and
made some bad pitches, and the Yankees’ season was over.

Lidle was invigorated about the winter. Soon he would head to the
skies, indulging another passion, savoring the good life that baseball
had provided.

“I’m disappointed,” he told Whitus, “but life goes on.” Only it didn’t.

100 Freaking Miles and He’s Out.

Baseball’s Fall Classic just became my life.

And First Quarter ends next week. 25% done with  junior year?
There are certain people responsible for my relative stability this week. And you know who you are. Thank you.

I feel at this moment if I publish something about any team it will be dated in like what, hours?
Love though. I’m feeling it!

New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
San Diego Padres
Los Angeles Dodgers
…why God does this to me I will not ever know.

I got my first shot (in my arm not in a glass) today…I think I’ve avoided them since like 5th grade so this was new.

Now Rally Twins&Tigers Rally!

keep praying for me. I love you.