Another Suitcase in Another Hall

hi. i am not a coward. but i like to tell people things indirectly sometimes.
i think everyone will know who they are anyway.

1. best friend. i would be no one without you. i love you.
2. i wish you were mine. i miss you. whatever. go away and deal with your own problems. =[ stop hurting me.
3. i like you so much! i’m so happy that we are super close. i learn so much from you. Thankyou!
4. i am very ambigious when it comes to how i see you. iwant you to be my favorite but you make it pretty darn hard.
5. you are always there for me. i would not be smiling right now (or my parents) if not for your dedication and effort. thank you. you are a lifelong friend as far as i’m concerned.
6. ahaha. i’m too scared to call you. what if you misinterpeted it? nope. not now at least.
7. ahhhhh. you’ve left me. i don’t hear from you like ever. but i know you’re still there cause you’re always the talk of the town. =/
8. uhm. leave me alone. i like you. but i want to move on. or branch out? yeah probably the second one. and you don’t like, or rather are not convicted by what makes me, me!
9. yeah. well i don’t care about our friendship anymore either.
10. honest. you are so very honest. its brutal for me to hear you speak that way about yourself. i’m in awe of how vulnerable you let yourself be.
11. i’m praying for you. you’ve been there. and you like to dwell with me in wonderful things. i need in you my life. even if i should try to get rid of you (lord help me!) don’t go, k?
12. you imed me the other night for the first time in ages! ahahhaa. you’re great. and we’re over all that lovely mid-summer drama. YES!
13. where have you gone? really? i’m scared i won’t see you next year. i don’t want to be worried but i’m a bad friend if i’m not. PLEASE CALL ME! you’re like my best-friend-sister-confident. comeback! comback!
14. one of my only role-models…please don’t let me down. and please come see me soon!
15. you. yeah you. you are really good at making other people happy. i want to see you happy though, hun.
16. newest friend. yay!
17. we are so doing something soon. ahem. as our schedule allows.i like you too. super cool friend i say.

hi guys. i’m a little cynical…and for the most part, bored of my friends. and really QUITE HONESTLY i tell you, except for the people that read my xanga. whatever. so what, i’m mean, i’m a coward. i love you all anyways.


15 thoughts on “Another Suitcase in Another Hall

  1. wow i kind of like this post.  It’s one of those weird ones that look like it has separate meanings of your value to 17 specific friendships that you either treasure or regret.  In the end, I look it as 17 friendships you have either won or lost.  In life, friendships are always won or lost but the VALUE of the friend isn’t whether you have won with him/her or lost…It’s truely based on what you have taken from that friend and applied to your life.  Just some thoughts from someone who has won and lost and regretted friendships often enough.  I hope im not confusing…
    Anyway, I’m still fuming about the A’s…but I’ll let that go for now. 

  2. wow. i like this a lot. i may steal some form of this idea from you sometime.
    also i love your page! looks good 🙂
    and yes i had a great time w/ you too! yes we need to get together sooon! and lmk if/when you go to that youth group, cuz i am starting my other class on the same nights but if you are going to be there i will try to ditch! and i’m afraid to ask…what secret? ok well call me up sometime and we shall talk and plan!

  3. i’m guessing from our talk the other night, i’m 17…. but i could be wrong, or maybe just hopeful. i love you no matter what you think of me =P i still want to know if i’m that list somewhere…

  4. hey woman!
    i’ve done a list like this before. only…it was about one person. and i was letting go of all my bitterness. in other words…”ouch!!!!”
    i love you like pumpkin pie. [and let me just tell you…i LOVE pumpkin pie]hehehe!!!

  5. YAY for Morgan. I always think I know who I am in these things but I’m too afraid to ask and I find out I’m the one who the person’s like “YOU’RE FRICKIN ANNOYING GO AWAY!!!” to. Ahaha. Anyways maybe that makes me more of a coward than you.Life’s been tough, can we just spend one more summer night talking about camp and parties and singing high school musical songs? If only.

  6. AAAAAAND I forgot to say I like the layout. It’s “perfectly” you. I don’t know where you found it but seriously, with the ballerina and the EXTRODINARY (for truly you are!), it’s perfect.

  7. Hey Morgan Morgan Bo Borgan……
    YES!!! So my mom booked the flights yesterday!!! YAY! I think she schedule them for Dec 17th through Jan 3. That means…..we’re gonna go shopping at forever 21! Lol…No seriously, we deffinatly are chillin a TON. Because I miss you like crazy. And because it will have been three whole lame years. And thats just lame-o. Soooo I know I need to call you. I thought about it today in church, but figured it wouldn’t work out with the time difference. Btw, what is the difference? 2 or 3 hrs?     Allright dearie…I luv you sooo much and can’t wait to see you in about 2 and a half months!  

  8. so i took some time out of wonderful ap history studying to take a look at some of your blogs. and oh how i like them ever so much. did you write all of this, especially the more recent, more poetic things? because wow, talk about good reads. keep writing, i love your blogs.
    `til tomorrow, noemiaha, and im curious. am i in  one of the people in this blog? becaues if yes then i know who i am. and if not, well. i guess ill just feel like an idiot =]

  9. hahaha that was pretty mean about loving me as much as an A;s-dodgers WS…and umm i felt it was necessary considering some things that’s come to my attention recently. 
    I’m so stoked…I just found out I got a 90 on that dreadfully annoying econ midterm…anyway, LET’S GO OAKLAND…You can be sure that ill be sneaking a radio into class tommorow morning to check on how bad the A’s are gonna pound Santana. hahaha.  ttyl

  10. i love barry zito and frank thomas so much i could marry them.  the only problem is i could only marry one of them.  wow.  do not expect me to be working tommorow from 10-1 either…*plans to sneak radio into ohlone*  hahaha….man the A’s freakin rocked today!  kid and i were going nuts when they won.  we started hugging and jumping up and down!

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