Because the innocent will never last…

summer has come and past, the innocent can never last.
wake me up when desperation ends.

like my father’s come to past, 16 years has gone to fast.
wake me up when my childhood ends.

here comes the rain again, falling from the sky.
drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are.

as my memory rests, but never forgets what i lost,
wake me up when Jesus comes again.

Hi guys ;]. School started over two weeks ago. I have some more big decisions and thank God for labor day. I’m not dancing this year but you are free to ask why and talk to me about it…Did you ever dream of changing the world?


7 thoughts on “Because the innocent will never last…

  1. It’s more than just a dream… it’s a calling.

    Have I told you how much I love you, Morgan?  After you left last night Katie was all gushing about how nice you were.  She was like, “At first I thought she was like this big attention snob.  But then I talked to her and I realized she’s just a hecka nice ditz… ahaha…”  😀 
    Thank you for a wonderful summer.  I owe almost all of it to you, Morgan.  16 years HAVE gone too fast.
    ❤ Wake me up, when this year ends…

  2. hey! haha that is funny! i love to hear lil stories like that! lol so anytime you want to tell someone something i’m here! haha…ya i’v had these ppl who did my eyebrows tell me to ‘chillax’ too!
    but yes i know!! 😦 i couldn’t believe how fast summer went and that we never got to hang out! 😦  but yes, we should hang out sometime!!! but i don’t think i have your number, so i can message you on here and give you my number! annnnnd i just got my license yesterday so hanging out will be a better possiblity! hehe ok well i hope school, life, an everything is going well! ttyl! 🙂

  3. everyone at ballet says hi.=) omar even missed you last night, he went “where’s my football buddy morgan, football season is starting.” everyone wants you to come up to ballet just for a day to stay hi. The carpool can take you if you want. missing you…curse school work. we’ll talk soon, alright? Love ya

  4. HE’S NOT!?!?!
    Wow. I’ve just seen a BUTTTTTLOAD of pictures of them together and stuff, and just assumed. (you know…like with his hands “hmm hmm” and stuff like that)
    Well good then. He has a brain.

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