“Do you ever love someone so much that no matter what they do they will inevitably let you down and fail to return that love?” He asked Her.

“Everyday, my heart breaks. Everyday.” She replied.

“Then why do you love so?” He stared.

“How can I stop?”


6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. hey you, congrats on your permit! gah can’t wait to talk with you about indiana and my camp! when are you free? I leave on tuesday for my sis’s wedding

  2. compelling and applicable…to fall for the person you know you cant fall for is probably the worse demise ever.  the game of love is the most difficult, beautiful, tempting and unavoidable game given to man.  only beautiful if done right.  agape love. 

  3. Applicable more to God, in my case… he loves so much, but we ALWAYS let him down.  Cause his love is perfect (agape), and ours is not.  His heart breaks every single moment of every day, because we can’t return his love.  But… can God stop?  He is love.  Love is God.
    How big is that heart, that it can break and yet love in all times?

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