The truth

I am in love with High School Musical. I love its charm, its innocence, the way it doesn’t try and be anything other then itself. I’ve watched it (yes this is obsessive), 6 times I think? in the past 10 days. I thought I would tire of it; I know most of the lines by heart. But unlike other epic, significant classics where its impossible to fill satisfied until the hero(ine) has completed the quest or where the bad guy has been defeated, this movie lets you like every moment. Its definitely not a movie for everyone, but I think everyone can identify, relate, and fall in love with the music.

You can watch the movie and never think about sex, about drugs, about problems, issues. and come away wishing teenagers liked being innocent and treating everyone, truly, with respect. Girls are never treated like sex objects and a guy actually goes to apologize for hurting a girl’s feelings! man!

okay, talk to me if you want to come if you’d like to watch it! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again!

obsessively yours, Morgan



“Do you ever love someone so much that no matter what they do they will inevitably let you down and fail to return that love?” He asked Her.

“Everyday, my heart breaks. Everyday.” She replied.

“Then why do you love so?” He stared.

“How can I stop?”

I’m back from my 2 amazing weeks at camp. I really want to put a lenghty awesome post up here but I’m too distracted right now with AIM and so yeah….but this needed some updating.

I will always love my terrific camp friends who I seem to see more and more of as time goes and I Praise God! for no regrets.