For I know the plan for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, plans to bring you a hope and future. All that I ask in return is that you give your life to me. Your dreams and wishes, because I, I am the Lord and I can make them so much better. Trust me, Take up your cross, Deny your life, and I will bless you all the more for it. Because, you know, ultimately,  I love you. It’s that simple, I died for you just to tell you that and so that we could spend eternity together. But Morgan, Please, I love you so much, can you step up to the plate and say Yes to Me?

Will I tell the God who loves me more than I could, ever, ever, imagine yes? Because I want to with all my heart.


No Regrets God!

Hi. This xanga desperately needs an update and I guess its my responsibility to write something new and fresh. Unfortunately for you, I basically have to get off the computer, failing to write the deep and newsy post that I really wanted. I have a few things though to say. As we speak Scholarship Camp 2006 is in less than 10 days! No Regrets God! That is really my prayer to God this year. It basically sums up how I want the week to go, how my interactions with people will play out, how I will live the week. I don’t want to return with the could have beens, the would have beens, the might have beens. Nope. It happened and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Okay, All-Nighter, much to say on that, as well as so many parties and whatnot that are coming and going…I love everyone that reads my xanga so much. You guys don’t know how much your prayers change my life.

I’ll write more later!

Morgan (who loves screaming her lungs out in the dark with Becca!)