i feel like merde

Hi. I want to say so much…however, the night is furiously turning old.

I am very tired, weary, jaded. As you like it. Being my friend this week involves maddening prayer for me. I need it; Jesus is the only one capable. To everyone that reads this, be you have xanga or not, I really would like to have a one-on-one conversation with you. Presently, I am terrified of so many things…

Do you know how it blessed me that so many people asked about Spring Concert? In the past, no one has known. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “i feel like merde

  1. Morgan swears on her xanga… i see the headlines now… jk jk. Thank you so much for all my emotional and spiritual support yesterday! I can’t believe it’s over though =( Yes a one on one convo sounds good right about now. soo many things to discuss with you. looove ya! *muah* i’ll be praying for ya

  2. Love you, darling… it’ll all be over soon, just you wait.For now, hugs and prayers. {sings} I’ll be your bridge o’er troubled waters!Um yes. Sleep well, what hours you receive.<3 ❤

  3. hmm, i know the feeling…actually, maybe i don’t…i’m not even planning the all-nighter, but when it comes to finals, i know the feeling.  speaking of which, what is happening with practice w/ james & david?  if they cant come over, i MAY be able to take bart to see them on memorial day…but id have to bring my guitar/amp and stuff…that could be a hassle.  and uhh what happened to da vanci code?  anyways, ill see ya around…ttyl…hope youre feeling better

  4. hey! umm i don’t exactly remember you, but i’ll have to meet you again! oh thanks for the comment, it was nice 🙂 haha who do you talk to that goes to GSS?  and i’ll be praying for you this week! hope you feel better! ttyl

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