Hi world. Je m’appelle Morgan.

When I know that people hear me; I am happy. When I know that I don’t talk to walls, to silence, to deaf ears, to people that do nothing; when I realize that my words are making a difference…I have joy. Joy.

I am up over myself in everything in the next 10 days. really. Not to mention the Season Finale of LOST. Oh the simple pleasures of a TV show.

Pray for me. God hears you. Pray that I will read my Bible not only to finish my Bible Summaries in Awana, but so that he will give me his direction, will and strength. Pray that I can make some responsible and God honoring decisions this summer. Pray that he will make me an instrument of his peace. For it is only in dying to ourselves that we will truly live. It goes back to wanting the cross.

As a side note, the stuff in the above italics is from the prayer of St. Francis. I memorized it in Spanish and it epitomizes our Christian walk. Lord work in my life, make me, change me, help me, guide me. The prayer implores God to change us.

Awana All-Nighter, heads up world its in less than 20 days!

i love everyone who reads this, God bless you all.



6 thoughts on “Hi world. Je m’appelle Morgan.

  1. i like how youre posts have all of a sudden become very meaningful and applicable.  I as well have a bunch of important decisions to make within the next year as well.  God can only encourage you to change…He can’t force you, for we all have free will and have to make that decision to change ourselves.
    hmm, nice comeback win by your team if i dont say so myself…yes go sharks!  they better win…oh and you forgot to say go jonathon cheechoo.  🙂  anyways finish those last  summaries soon.  Stop procrasinating…see ya tommorow @ church.  – chris

  2. I have to agree with chris (man i can’t believe i just wrote that…) i liked this new trend everyone has started. Meaningful posts, instead of a bunch of nothing. I also like how you mix your posts so it’s not all seriousness. Missed you at ballet today. =( you coming tomorrow?

  3. Lost, the All-nighter… everything’s coming to an end, to a head.  Should we say it dies?  Perhaps, although both will be rebirthed again if the general populous agrees.  *sigh*  Why is so much today decided by what the people think?  Everything’s about making them happy, getting good ratings and reviews from them.  Where (and when) was making God happy taken out of the picture?  Life’s so selfish.  Your life is selfish.  Since when did it become YOURS?
    Mmmk random philosophical/ranting mood.  I’ll see you Sunday.I’m trying to breath less of “life”, and more of God.

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