all about death

confession: i’ve been out of it lately. and lately, its been all about death. all about death.

LOST: Michael betrays the gang and shoots Ana Lucia (b**** though she maybe) and Hurley’s girl Libby. Yes, its only a TV show, I was not prepared. It kind of shocked me and I’m a little shaken up still.

Wikipedia/Live Journal: As I was supposed to be studying last night I explored my new fascination with Wikipedia. I read everything there is to know about, the history of Xanga, (pretty silly section on how people pronounce Xanga,) and then LiveJournal. Wow. so they have all these links on here to notorious and signifacnt people that use LiveJournal. So yeah, they had a couple from murderers and one from a girl, that was murdered. It was TERRIBLE. EERIE.
It was as if I knew something that she didn’t. It wasn’t that deep, it didn’t mention anything like that. But I had something over her, I knew the end and she didn’t until it happened. It made me sick with humanity. it was AWFUL.

Have you ever thought about the last seconds of someone’s life just before they die? Where they’re at the mercy of everyone else, begging for their life, pleading with their captor, being brutilessly attacked, raped, tortured, and FOR WHAT? people are worth so much more than that.

Alias: Thanks Alias for letting me turn on the TV just as the other  Sydney slit some girls throat. Wow. I’ve had enough for violence for the week.

Dinner table: My mom tells me that some friend of her friend went downstairs one night to take a shower and was found later strangled there.

Yes this post is morbid. I’m sorry. I bruise easily.

Lord be with us all, some one will die in a dark alley tonight, all-alone and the killer will disappear. why?


5 thoughts on “all about death

  1. wow… morbid child.  its so true though, watching movies, and people get shot right and left, and sometimes it doesn’t even effect you. or when they tell you the death toll of a certain disaster was only 16 people, and you’re like ohh good thats not many at all. but thats 16 people who are as human as you, each has a story, each has a family. it doesn’t phase us as much as it really should. or when a bad guy dies. we rejoice, when thats really the person thats needs to live the most. ok.. i’ll stop now. lol
    PS you bruise easily? sheesh

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!
    I’m calling Marti Chance this week and I’m gonna ask her if that’s possible. OMG!THANKS!

  3. AWW I wish i was comming to cali this summer 😦  Well hopefully i shall see you at Christmas time…..And if not, im just gonna have to fly out there…..:) Miss you soooooo very much! I need to hang with Morgan! I’ve been having Morgan withdrawls for the past 2 years!! AHHH….Lol…

  4. wow that is morbid but it is really true…..scary thought. yeah i could NOT believe that Chris got voted off! O M G lol…it totally killed me but my dad heard this morning that the band fuel was going to ask him to be their lead singer so that makes me happy. i hope this week has been better…luv you lots byby!

  5. lol, thanks for agreeing with me…AND not only that but you are a ballerina so even you say baseball is tougher and better (hear that rachel)…i think i win.  hehe.  anyways, yeah good times tonight definitely…im totally upset at the sharks…haha no you cannot have my hat…ttyl see ya sunday..

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