Dear Giants, My Loves

Baseball season! Baseball season! (I didn’t forget you Sharks, I’m wishing you well too) But yes, baseball season is among us, and no, I couldn’t really be happier. Well, if the Giants would win a game that would light my face up as well as good ole Larry Krueger came back but other than that I love love love baseball. I bleed orange, black, red and white (Redsox colors) and I live and die, pathetically enough, with each game. But yes, baseball might have just brought back my happiness, that is, until the Giants have a rough April and leave the month 5 back. But yeah, all (well mostly) smiles otherwise.

Went to retreat in the tenderloin today. I might write some more about that later. Hung out, alot, with Olivia, buddy buddy!

Razor and Mr. T on! Yes! Thank God Tommy is here. Morris vs. Estes.

Morgan is outta here….!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Dear Giants, My Loves

  1. unhealty obsession with baseball. haha at least its for the better team though. gotta talk you dad into dying your hair some color, k? then you need to come over and we’ll have a blast coloring it. haha mad hairdresser skills lol

  2. Awwww..Sweet Sixteen! Happy birthday! I wish i could be there!!!! Have a rockin awesome party! I miss you immensly! Hopfully we’ll come to cali for christmas….Im keeping my fingers crossed. Miss ya!

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