Hi, i steal ideas of Heather’s xanga. kind of. i don’t plagarize though, so don’t hate.

who you are, and what you may or may not have been responsible in developing who i am today. i think i’m limiting it to people that read my xanga.  no use otherwise….well maybe a few lucky birds.

rachel c: do everything. life is not worth living unless you’re actively involved.

megan: smile alot. and sometimes change is hard but the results can really overwhelm you. (S.C. move, no?)

rachel t: there are some real gems at scholarship camp; crazy awanas create amazing kids.

chris: obsessions are the x-factor in life. especially when these x-factors play everyday and your mood is directly attatched.

heather: ideas are great. planning and implementing them creates boundless rewards and then you don’t have to gripe to everyone else about how much the world sucks.

becki: the only way to have friends is to be one.

james: hanging up is the only way to get through to someone that you don’t want to talk to them. and calling someone 20x on their birthday even when its during school shows how much you care.

howie day: even the best fall down sometimes

omar vizquel: who says what you can and cannot do when your a major league, all-star shortstop that has the best batting average in the league?

life: sometimes life picks you and just tries to see how high and how hard it can drop you.

<3ly life lessons… hate life. who’s to say i am?


I have an unhealthy obsession with baseball and PCF

Hi Everyone that faithfully comments! I love you all!

Megan Arthur is the coolest!

okay, Morgan is yacking. she has mucho homework to do.

randomisity is pure but futile. rachel has cool profile quotes.

i will presently give up on life. don’t mind.

quote of the week though goes to my dear friend chris munekawa:
you have an unhealthy obsession with two things: baseball and PCF.

the end for now. Morgan




Dear Giants, My Loves

Baseball season! Baseball season! (I didn’t forget you Sharks, I’m wishing you well too) But yes, baseball season is among us, and no, I couldn’t really be happier. Well, if the Giants would win a game that would light my face up as well as good ole Larry Krueger came back but other than that I love love love baseball. I bleed orange, black, red and white (Redsox colors) and I live and die, pathetically enough, with each game. But yes, baseball might have just brought back my happiness, that is, until the Giants have a rough April and leave the month 5 back. But yeah, all (well mostly) smiles otherwise.

Went to retreat in the tenderloin today. I might write some more about that later. Hung out, alot, with Olivia, buddy buddy!

Razor and Mr. T on! Yes! Thank God Tommy is here. Morris vs. Estes.

Morgan is outta here….!!!!!!!!!!!!!