Writing About the Nonexistent Universe

Here Today. and Tomorrow.

Jesus loves me, Him Who died. Even though I sin against him, willingly, everyday of my existence. I think I shall cower in shame…

Oh the unloved. I just read Avalon High, by Meg Cabot. Wow, I don’t usually care for chicklit but this novel was too cute. and the King Arthur twist was simply fairy talish I guess. The Lady of Shalott/The Lady of the Lake. I reccomend it to everyone. I hate it though because I feel socially deprived without these ultra romantic dashing fellows that come and turn the heroine’s world upside down.

On the flip side of things. We had to watch Saturday Night Fever, today in Film class. That is the most crude, disgusting movie everywhere and women come off as whores, easy, cheap, horny, classless. It is really sad. The guys are basically using the women who will do there bid and call. Urgh! The dancing is okay and the music is pretty good but it is pretty corrupting and disappointing. Yuck. oh and like the F-word is used constantly. Puhlease, you’re expertise as scriptwriters is hardly apparent.

Jesus loves me this I know. Because I live my life that way, right?

Morgan, of course



5 thoughts on “Writing About the Nonexistent Universe

  1. whats saturday night fever? oh, so are you free anytime during the month of april? i really want to get together with you bridges people =P

  2. I’m SOOO sorry Morgan.  I really feel your angst here… movies like that have no real… REASON… to exist.  Gaaah.  They make filmmaking a shame… which is tragic because it really is a beautiful art, when in the right hands.  *sigh* 
    Now I’m all contemplative.  Great.  Thanks a lot Morgan.

  3. Hi!!!!! I Haven’t ever seen that movie, but im sry you found it rather foul………soooo..i was going to tell you, i found a college in ca…( no, its not like pensacola:)) and it looks good to me…..soooo i was like hmmm….maybe i could get morgan to go there with me if i was to go there…i probley wouldn’t as of now, go there…but still, its just a thought. Anyhow, Its called California Baptist college or Baptist college of california( one of the two…i kinda forgot..hehe) soooooo ya…just in case you wanted to know..lol

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