sometimes i feel as if i have to write. past 24 hours have been like that.

math test sucked, today. think i failed. woo-hoo bye A in the class that i had most of the quarter. =(

heather and i are teaching at awana ooooooo yay. we’ll see how it goes.

no one wants to read tirades and i want a good grade in bio. bye for now.

and if you think that you don’t talk to me enough the least you could do is call, right?

aim back tomorrow cuz weekend starts at 12:35! don’t think i could handle it any longer man!

spacy out bye love.


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  1. lol yep those are just the things i like….i guess we just have the same interests. yeah it was great seeing you this weekend…wait your from fremont right? you guys got third? thats perfectly respectable! at least you got a medal…think of all the other poor umm 12 teams who didnt! lol hehe cya later morgan!

  2. awww…morgan…im sry….if it makes you feel better i math…yuck….sooooo i remember doing awanas….awww…….well i luv you tons and i think i might try calling you tomorrow or sunday..if i remember…haha….but seriously…i miss you like a turtle misses his shell…lol….

  3. yay for us, no aim. buh its too hard morgan! at least i dont have a myspace to get addicted to like you, so its easier for me. are you coming to ballet tonight?

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