Writing About the Nonexistent Universe

Here Today. and Tomorrow.

Jesus loves me, Him Who died. Even though I sin against him, willingly, everyday of my existence. I think I shall cower in shame…

Oh the unloved. I just read Avalon High, by Meg Cabot. Wow, I don’t usually care for chicklit but this novel was too cute. and the King Arthur twist was simply fairy talish I guess. The Lady of Shalott/The Lady of the Lake. I reccomend it to everyone. I hate it though because I feel socially deprived without these ultra romantic dashing fellows that come and turn the heroine’s world upside down.

On the flip side of things. We had to watch Saturday Night Fever, today in Film class. That is the most crude, disgusting movie everywhere and women come off as whores, easy, cheap, horny, classless. It is really sad. The guys are basically using the women who will do there bid and call. Urgh! The dancing is okay and the music is pretty good but it is pretty corrupting and disappointing. Yuck. oh and like the F-word is used constantly. Puhlease, you’re expertise as scriptwriters is hardly apparent.

Jesus loves me this I know. Because I live my life that way, right?

Morgan, of course



sometimes i feel as if i have to write. past 24 hours have been like that.

math test sucked, today. think i failed. woo-hoo bye A in the class that i had most of the quarter. =(

heather and i are teaching at awana ooooooo yay. we’ll see how it goes.

no one wants to read tirades and i want a good grade in bio. bye for now.

and if you think that you don’t talk to me enough the least you could do is call, right?

aim back tomorrow cuz weekend starts at 12:35! don’t think i could handle it any longer man!

spacy out bye love.


hi. i know this is like a 5 month anniversary of not posting. no one will read this anyhow and this is just an i’m avoiding my Macbeth essay post” anyway.

i don’t think there’s very many people who know how much i love david paden and squirt tiffen. i was fortunate enough to spend my weekend with them and it was simply amazing. squirt and i are heck of texting now (which is very expensive) and yeah. it sucks because the only time i saw them before that (well i kind of saw david 1 week and half ago) was in august. oh and justin’s okay too. =) oh and i love james weaver as well hahaha

and you’re all thinking birthday party. i know. so am i. i have no idea right now but i want those 2 to come. i know they never read my xanga but i have been sending them adoring mail like everyday since saturday.

i watched walk the line today. excellent. acting was superb. and the story…okay well i love you 2 so mucho and thanks for always being there for me.

what else. no myspace or aim during the week and xanga should be there too. oh curses. Jesus loves you so much you have no idea. bye!