i will not repeat these clarifications/instructions

1) my hump by the black eyed peas WHO HAVE A FREE CONCERT NEXT WEEKEND!!!!  its a pretty cute song you have to admit

2) white houses by vanessa carlton. this is one of my favorite songs right now. it makes me want to dance and dance and dance. listen to it if you haven’t before

3) 5th symphony by Beethoven. i was simply mesmerized when i listened to this in my car the other day

4) gamble everything for love by Ben Lee. this man is one of the best new musicans out there. australian with melodies to die for!

5) take me away by avril lavigne. yes, old. but not that old and oh soooo refreshing and energizing. its wonderful.


<333333 comment on my myspace instead lol.

guess what? for those of you that didn’t know i met one of erica’s friends from school online and he’s heck of cool. adios. prayer prayer and PRAYER. bye


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