has it really been a month? wow…okay here’s a poem to make you think


black chucks for my son

he deserves them

his crappy mother woke up half drunk today

and he wailed less then when she woke up sober the one before


my dingy apartment leaves my money for daycare

and the man writing down my number deserves to be slapped

for one passionate, sensual night i traded away any thought of having a true career or life


i’m scared of that man. i admit it

what he might do if i learn to like him

they all want you, your body not your brains and certainly not my baby

i’m sorry dear son

i wanted you….10 years later


i feel dirty, unwanted, i feel like i deserve a good time but i know i’m just the mother of a bastard baby

low-income with the father on welfare

haven’t seen him since he moved to California…his dreams failed to falter


a selfish wretch i know i am

what can i do

who would care?


black chucks for my son

i’ll give him dignity in daycare




          HE SCREAMS TO YOU out of the darkness and vastness and lonliness

                                              “I CREATED YOU, I LOVE YOU”




                  suicide would be an option if God were not my answer