i almost cried. i should have cried. 4-0 into the ninth…

oh well Tyler, no one is perfect but you had FOUR runs to work with!

this is just how the season has been at least….not that this makes it any any ANY easier

i am a walking disaster…who would have known that? or cared?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

happy birthday to the person that brings THAT much joy into my life. JAMES WEAVER! thanks for always calling me and encouraging me and being so interesting. enjoy hunting this weekend w/Justin!


❤ my AP bio classmates




don’t even try to understand. my whole point in even writing is to morn.

I LOVE YOU LARRY KRUEGER. you made my last couple years some of the best in my life. after Giants’ wins I could count on your takes and your jokes and your opinions and your stances. listening to made me the happiest person ever. I hardly ever listened to your subsitutes and when you went on vacation a few weeks ago I didn’t listen to Sportsphone 680 at all.

I know you made some mistakes last Wednesday night and I wish you hadn’t send that stuff. However I thought you would be able to put that behind you and go on. Tony Salvador obiviously had different views and I hate him for that. In no clearer words you ruined my year, Tony.

All the nights I stayed up, risking getting in trouble just so that I could listen to you are gone. It’ll never be the same. Shame on you Alou. This is no messanger of Satan. This is the man that made me a GIANTS FAN. I don’t expect to get over this that soon and I’ll miss you Larry…not only on your own show but filling in for Tommy or at the fanfast. Thanks for these years…I’ll keep cheering for the Giants for you always.

I’m sorry too Ralph. you sound awful and you don’t deserve this either 


oh and Bob Agnew. you soooo didn’t deserve this