I have no clue why I’m updating. I have no motivation. Perhaps though, this will be read over the myspace blogs which are NEVER read.

So many people always want to know who I like. Let me tell you something. I don’t like being vulnerable. If I tell people that they always like to shove that information in your face. You know it. They know it. They like the fact they know it and then they lord it over you. I would know that because I’m part of the people that do it. I wish I could just let myself be open and known. But you know what? I’ve tried that before. No one listens. Everyone loves their own life more.

Guess what….I’ve gotten over that fact.

if you read this please comment….Take care of yourself now



3 thoughts on “

    *jumps around in exuberent joy*  YAY!!!
    What you said IS true, though… I’ve had that happen to me so many times.  And even though you ASK them not to tell anybody, they ALWAYS tell everybody.  >_<  It’s a struggle to not act like that when someone confides in you, though… so I can see why they choose to betray my trust.
    I ❤ you girl!

  2. Morgan,
    You are the best sister! I love you sooo much…..I can’t believe that I never found out that you had a xanga before…I am very dumb…as you know. Well GO GIANTS and GO RED SOX!!! Down with the stupid A’s who are on a roll!!! haha..
     ❤ mallory

  3. Aww Morgan…I know I don’t listen as much as I would like to. (and should!) It IS hard though, I know it is. So thanks infinitely for listening to me anyway, you rock. 🙂 (and you don’t hafta tell me who you like, if anyone, even if I’m dying to know. I’ll live lol. :P)and to clarify, this is Erica of course. I LOVE YOU! xD

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